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Aqua Klean® Filter Bag Replacement

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Easy Care Aqua Klean® Filters – Aqua Klean filters will trap and filter out impurities and particulates, leaving your water crystal clear. The filters are easy to access, remove and replace. To extend the life of your filters, about once a month, simply place them in your washing machine on the gentle cycle with a quarter cup of bleach.

Product Description

The Aqua Klean® filtration system is the foundation of L.A. Spas water technology and a standard on Premium and Mid Range models. Unlike conventional filter systems, which typically use a bypass, our proprietary filtration system allows 100% of the water to flow through the filter.

Please note
Only use genuine Aqua Klean® filters in your LA Spas hot tub, as non genuine and alternative filters affect the flow rates and could void the warranty.

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  1. 5 out of 5

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    I often replace my filters to keep my hot tub fresh and clean. These are easy to install and hardly cost a penny.

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